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I'm Philip Nelkon.


I am a born and bred Londoner  and a qualified guide. I've lived and worked in London all my life and I still find it fascinating and exciting. It's such a big city and we all have such busy lives that it's easy to miss the history that is all around us. I aim to reveal that hidden history in an informative and entertaining walk, with a definite emphasis on the entertainment aspect.


It's a great way to get some exercise, meet new people and learn at the same time. Most of the walks I organise are in the Clerkenwell & Islington area although I have just finished a course in Westminster guiding, so watch this space!


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(With London Walks unless otherwise stated)

Future dates:-

Alternative Highbury, Sunday July 28, 2.30pm

meet outside Highbury & Islington Station

Reviewing a smorgasbord of local achievements, we discover the origins of Crufts, the haunt of gymnasts and tightrope walkers and how one company shaped our modern lives through the development of radio, TV and radar.


A trip around Highbury would be bereft without discussing Arsenal and we end by appreciating the green fields and remarkable architecture of middle class London in the late 19th century. NB this walk has been rerouted because of the game at Emirates Stadium today.


Cost £10, pay on the day. (In conjunction with London Walks – Saturday Tour du Jour)

The Arsenal Story, Tuesday, August 6, 2.00pm

Seven noses of Soho Treasure Hunt, August 24, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Meet outside of Canada House SW1Y 5BJ , facing Trafalgar Square and the 4th Plinth. Look out for the Maple Leafs! 

Soho residents have always been a singular lot. In 1997 artist Rick Buckley smelt out a lot of new CCTV cameras in the area and he wasn’t happy. Big Brother was clearly nosing around. To protest, Rick decided to place casts of his own proboscis on various structures in Soho right under the noses, so to speak, of the liberty threatening CCTV Cameras. There is an urban myth that if you can locate all seven of the noses then great wealth will come your way.

One of the noses has disappeared over the years so I can only promise a small prize for the winners of the Hunt. You will get a map, photos of the noses and hints as to their location. There’ll be a couple of refreshment stops along the way including the iconic Bar Italia in Frith Street where I’ll also tell you a bit about the history, entertainment and food of the area.


Keep your ears pinned back, your eyes peeled and your noses clean and join the Hunt.


Cost £10 - pay on the day or purchase tickets at https://tinyurl.com/y4alb82y


The Arsenal Story, Tuesday, September 3, 2.00pm

Highbury to the Emirates Stadium

Meet outside Highbury & Islington Station

View the beautiful Georgian architecture in historical Highbury, an affluent district of North London since Mediaeval times and Arsenal’s home for over 90 years. Visit the well preserved old ground, now a chic housing estate. Walk the same streets as Colin Firth in Fever Pitch and relive the climax of the film - perhaps, the most dramatic football match of all time. The tour ends at their new home where we find out about the buildings that were replaced by the Stadium, take in the iconic sights of the Emirates and review the statues of the club’s heroes including Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry.

Cost £10, pay on the day (in conjunction with London Walks)

London Monopoly Walking Tour, September 14, 2.00pm

The Arsenal Story, Tuesday, October 1, 2.00pm

Up the Cally, Saturday, October 19,2.30pm

Elizabethan Clerkenwell, Sunday, November 3, 10.45am

Click on walks at the top of the page for full details of all of my walks. You can see albums of the areas covered at www.facebook.com/guidetribe.


If you have any questions please email me - philip.nelkon@gmail.com., phone 07785 737530


I guide regularly at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and occasionally at Wembley Stadium. Also at St.John's Gate, Clerkenwell and Cally Clock Tower(just off Caledonian Road).










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