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I'm Philip Nelkon.


I am a born and bred Londoner  and a qualified guide. I've lived and worked in London all my life and I still find it fascinating and exciting. It's such a big city and we all have such busy lives that it's easy to miss the history that is all around us. I aim to reveal that hidden history in an informative and entertaining walk, with a definite emphasis on the entertainment aspect.


It's a great way to get some exercise, meet new people and learn at the same time. Most of the walks I organise are in the Clerkenwell & Islington area with the occasional one in Wesminster, the City and my local area of Southgate.



(All walks are with London Walks, www.walks.com, unless otherwise stated, and will last approx. 2 hours).

Great Balls of Fire - Saturday 22 January, 2.30pm (meet at Monument Station, Fish Street Hill, EC3R 6DB

Sunday 2 September 1666, a stone’s throw from London Bridge: It started with just a few sparks at the King’s bakers. Soon, the exotic smell of roasting spices filled the air. Then the bells rang out to confirm the inhabitant’s worst fears – FIRE! For 4 days, blown by a strong wind, the conflagration continued unabated. Temperatures of more than 1000° meant everything was consumed in the inferno. Join Philip to follow the path of destruction caused by the Great Fire of London.


London, a heart of stone. NEW!! - Sunday 27 February 2022, 2.30pm (meet at Temple Station, Victoria Embankment, WC2R 2PH)


This tour concentrates on the Fleet Street, St. Pauls and Smithfield areas and is a visual feast of stunning art and architecture. Primarily we will be looking at some amazing public sculpture and a few exquisite buildings. On the way, we’ll be learning about sites instrumental to the development of our commercial capital city including a Mediaeval Church and an old trade entrance to London, rescued from a garden in Hertfordshire.  To complete the picture, casually tossed in are a picturesque astrological clock featuring the face of 'The Greatest Ever Englishman', a memorial to ‘Everyday Heroes’ and the only statue of Henry VIII in London.


Highbury - Grand houses & grander stadiums - Saturday 26 March, 2.30pm.


Elizabethan Clerkenwell - Sunday 24 April, 2.30pm. 


Radical Islington - Saturday 21 May, 2.30pm. 


Up the Cally - Sunday 19 June, 2.30pm.



Click on walks at the top of the page for full details of all of my walks. You can see albums of the areas covered at www.facebook.com/guidetribe.

If you have any questions please email me - philip.nelkon@gmail.com., phone 07785 737530


I guide regularly at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium. Also at Cally Clock Tower(just off Caledonian Road). 



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