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I'm also a 4 time National Scrabble Champion. For 20 years, I worked for Mattel, the owners of Scrabble, promoting Scrabble in the UK.


These days, I teach Scrabble and run Scrabble sessions for all sorts of organisations - women's groups, U3A, social clubs, pubs etc. etc.


Most organisations like to play TEAM SCRABBLE games. Team Scrabble is a fun version of the traditional game which enables all players in the room to play each other at the same time, see the photo at the foot of this page. This usually works best in teams, hence the name! All equipment is provided and I control the game from the front of the room with a large custom-made Scrabble board.


I also provide specific lectures for clubs and societies on the following subjects :-


THE HISTORY OF SCRABBLE - Scrabble was invented during the Depression years of the 1930's and it's not English! Learn about the inventor - Alfred Butts, how the product eventually came on the market more than 15 years after it was invented and see some of the surprising and amazing ways that Scrabble tiles have been used over the years.


IMPROVE YOUR SCRABBLE GAME - Learn how to improve your scores, find 7 letter word 50 point bonus plays and take away a Cheat Sheet with hundreds of unusual words that will enable you to beat that annoying relative or friend that reckons they're a hot-shot!


Contact me on 07785 737530 or philip.nelkon@gmail.com.


Scrabble is a registered trademark. All intellectual rights and the game are owned in the UK by J W Spear and Sons Limited, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc.


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