So I haven't always been a Guide. I spent 20 years in Marketing, organisng Scrabble competitions for the owners of Scrabble - Mattel. Life on the Tiles tell my story:-


This is my Scrabble life, an exposé of the wacky world of Tournament Scrabble. I’m a 4 time National Scrabble Champion, I worked for Mattel, the owners of Scrabble, for 20 years. As player and company insider, I have a unique story to tell.


My job was to publicise the game and, as official spokesman, also to deal with some of the adverse publicity the game sometimes gets. The media reckon they’re masters of the word, so they love Scrabble stories. We were surprisingly successful at getting into the news, but it wasn’t always the story we wanted!


Hear, from the inside, revelations behind the headlines including:-

The Scrabble player who went for a P, got stuck in a Q, and ended up hiring a QC.

 My trials and tribulations with the best transsexual Scrabble player in the world.

The missing G tile that led to demands for a strip-search of a World Scrabble Championship contestant.

The row over whether F**K, C**T and several  hundred other abusive terms  should be allowed in Scrabble.

Barbie & Sindy’s catfight over Scrabble ownership.


Also, the story of my time as a top player and the past, the present and future of competitive Scrabble, how all those weird and wonderful words got to be acceptable and my own annus horribilis where, over just six months, 3 of my Scrabble friends die in tragic circumstances.


You can buy the book on Kindle at for £4.99. If you don't have a Kindle you can download a free app and then read on any device - ipad, phone, laptop etc.

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