Anne Frank tree’ sapling planted in Highbury Fields


A sapling from Anne Frank’s favourite tree is now growing in Highbury Fields after her friend planted a chestnut originally brought over from Amsterdam.


The young tree, donated by Upper Street’s Business Design Centre where it was initially planted, comes from the 170-year-old white horse chestnut tree that featured regularly in the murdered schoolgirl’s diary.


Guest of honour at Wednesday 19 May 2016 tree-planting ceremony was Eva Schloss MBE, who knew Anne before the war and whose bereaved mother later married Anne’s father. Dr. Schloss, 87, told stories from her time in hiding in Amsterdam during the war, and her subsequent time spent in Auschwitz at the age of just 15. Her father and brother were killed at the concentration camp.

She stated.“I hope people will come around the tree, to think and talk about what it means, about its significance and about the message of Anne Frank. For me the tree is a symbol of hope.”


In 2005 it was discovered the original tree Anne described from her home in Amsterdam was dying. So the Anne Frank House museum decided to gather chestnuts, germinate them, and donate the saplings to select organisations over the next few years. One went to the Business Design Centre, who decided to donate the tree to the park after it outgrew its original home.


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